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The chatbox

Dear visitors,
we have temporarily removed our chatbox, but you can still use this thread to speak to us.

We would like to extend our thank you for the help you are bringing to us at this time.

We would also like to extend a invitation into an alliance with your guild.

We hope that we can return your help in the future!
Savlon Vadre

It'd help if you would identify yourself.
Raven Black

I know who it is Smile

I'll post the complete info on the forum...

HI Guyz... Guess I'm juz got kicked. Sad

not exactly kicked... just an activity check... if you are still 'ACTIVE' you can message one of our admins so they can let you in again
[PHI] Lakandula

What's your in-game name?

hi guys! how are you doing?

stay cool and happy looting! Smile

sorry, that was me... hehehe..


there's life?
I suppose I should log on as Brunhilde, bank, stat-raise, go back to tavern.
Can I be bothered? No, probably not...

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